​KMK Photography 

About Us


Hi, I'm Casey Keller. I founded KMK Photography back in 2013 after my mom had told me that I had a gift for taking pictures. 

I was the family photographer that everyone came to, to have their pictures done, no matter if it was Christmas pictures or family pictures or single portraiture sessions and senior pictures, I was the guy. 

My education consisted of taking skill-share classes and workshops which delved me even deeper into the photography niche.

I have taken certification courses through NYIP. I have the United States Registered Journalist Photographer credentials

I am a part of the  Montana Professional photographers association and with National Geographic.

Photography is such a broad niche so, "I do it all"  you won't be disappointed!! 

With my skill set of specialized skills, I can deliver the best photography pictures through my company with KMK Photography. 

I am the right photographer for you.  I have very many different backgrounds for you to choose from...

With every photo shoot, you get a thumb drive with all your pictures, plus full copyright.  

Fashion Photography

Are you photo-magnet? Where the camera just loves you no matter what you're wearing. Get dressed up to the nines, get your hair done to put on some make-up, and hire KMK Photography to do your professional magazine looking quality pictures.

Lifestyle Photography

Whether it's lounging at home, or capturing you in a backyard family reunion or a fun setting that's out in about, like a picnic and want a professional photographer to capture those moments with a real camera then hire KMK Photography to capture those moments.

Nature Photography

When I am not busy with portraiture sessions or weddings or senior pictures, I love taking hikes and capturing the world around me with scenery, macro, landscape, nature, and wildlife photography that you will love on your wall. 

Wedding Photography

Got a wedding planned in the future? You're going to want to hire KMK Photography to capture those special moments. I have shot numerous engagement, save the day, wedding, and reception pictures. Why will you want to hire me for this? I won't charge an arm and a leg for it.

Event Photography

Are you a manager and your hiring a rock band, country singer, or a boxing event. No matter the venue, KMK Photography can shoot it and get the pictures processed and edited for your next up and coming event. So you will always have fresh pictures to use for advertisement.

New Born Photography

Having a baby? Babies are always beautiful no matter what. Hire KMK Photography to capture those special moments whether it's before pictures while your pregnant or after. Getting your baby baptized? Let me be there to capture that special moment for you. 

Photo Shooting

No matter if we do a photo session in my home or out in about in a fun setting you will not be disappointed in the professionalism and quality that we produce here at KMK Photography.

Photo Editing

I have some of the best photo-editing software programs out there that it won't take as nearly as long to do any photo-editing job to get your pictures back to you in a timely manner.

Photo Printing

You will love seeing your pictures in a photo album that KMK Photography took of your special moments. My guarantee to you is that you will always have a photo-cd so that you can make and or change quantities for other family members.